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Submitting a Senior Honors Thesis to the Library

Students have the option to submit their thesis electronically to ScholarWorks, our repository for Brandeis scholarship, and/or to submit a paper copy to the University Archives. Instructions about each option are below. 

Students aren't required to submit their thesis to ScholarWorks or the University Archives, although we strongly encourage students to consider submitting their work.

Submit your senior thesis electronically to ScholarWorks

Please fill out the Senior Honors Thesis Submission Form to submit your thesis to ScholarWorks. If you would like your thesis to be embargoed, please consult with your advisor before completing the form.

Link to Senior Honors Thesis Submission Form

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact

View of collection of Brandeis Senior Theses previously submitted to ScholarWorks.

Submit a paper copy to the University Archives

Please bring a clean copy (no staples, holes, or bindings of any sort) of the final version along with your signed senior thesis release form to the Archives & Special Collections department on Goldfarb Level 2. Release forms are available through your department administrator.

You may send your thesis to us by inter-campus mail or by post. For inter-campus mail our number is MS 045 and you can address it to "Archives." Our mailing address is: Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections, Brandeis University, Goldfarb Library, Mailstop 045, Waltham, MA 02453.

While we do require that you fill out the top part of the thesis release form (granting us permission to have a copy of your thesis), you are not required to sign the bottom portion indicating that you allow us to photocopy your thesis for other researchers. However, we do strongly encourage you to grant such permission, as we receive many photocopy requests from researchers around the world who are interested in the topics our students write about. Any researchers using theses are required to fill out a form indicating that they will not violate copyright, and they have permission to use the material for educational purposes only.

Your thesis will be bound, cataloged in OneSearch, and housed permanently in the University Archives.

Cover Sheet

When getting ready to submit your thesis, also check with your department for particular procedures. Most departments require a cover sheet. Below you will find a PDF template of a cover sheet that you can use.