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Register to vote online using your island-issued driver's license or ID number.

To vote absentee/by mail:

  • Be registered to vote.  Not sure if you're registered?  Check with the Guam Election Commission Your Vote Your Voice
  • Print out an absentee application form for off-islanders. You may scan and email this document to voteAbsentee@gec.guam.govWe recommend you get it in as early as possible!
  • Follow up with the GEC to make sure you receive your ballot:
  • Your ballot may require postage, a copy of your driver's license, a witness signature and/or notary service before you mail it back. Instructions will be on the ballot itself.

Track your status!  GEC Spreadsheet

Information current as of 9/1/2022.  For the most recent updates, see the GEC website